#23939 Subtle Shades of Green Nephrite Jade Heart
Subtle Shades of Green Nephrite Jade Heart
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This is a lovely and palm-sized, nephrite jade heart. She is a glorious deepest green that comes alive under a good light and really features her delicate and subtle shading. The polish is perfect and really shows the depth of color. At 4.7 oz and 2.3” by 2.35” by 0.75”, she is the perfect size to fit comfortably in the hand or between the hands and it is a meditation in and of itself just to gently tilt and explore in the light to study the play of color and depth. She is exquisite!

Nephrite jade is such a wonderful stone! It is composed of calcium, magnesium, and iron-rich amphibole minerals (tremolite and/or actinolite) and is sacred in Chinese culture and traditions. It is considered to be a gemstone and quickly warms to the hand, eager to do its work. It has long been revered in cultures all over the world for its abilities with the “dreamtime”. When we sleep, we have dreams that are messages in code. Generally, when people dream of houses, for instance, they nay be having issues getting their mind in order. But with every person, these codes are a little different. Dreaming of a house to one may not mean quite the same to another. Jade is considered one of the sacred stones because it assists the dreamer in relating these images to everyday life. That brings a fullness and completeness, knowing that these important messages are being used on all levels. At that stage, true enlightenment is possible.

This Jade Spirit is ready for service as a personal meditation tool or in a Reiki or crystal healing practice. Allowing the patient to hold the heart in the receiving hand during treatment brings about a relaxed state which is open to the healing to follow. Placing the heart under the pillow at night continues the healing, allowing more lucid dreams, better dream recall and improved application of the dreams to the personal Now.

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Subtle Shades of Green Nephrite Jade Heart

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