#23943 Ultra-Clear Tibetan Quartz - Former Scepter
Ultra-Clear Tibetan Quartz - Former Scepter
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This is a 0.9 oz (she was a scepter whose rod was snapped off and is healed there making him a scepter “crown”), 1.3” by 1” by 0.8” quartz from Tibet. His termination is beautifully expressed and subtly glyphed and his utter clarity is very inviting! Inside and with a loupe, you will see manifestors as well as some bright-white tiny “clouds”. You will find yourself using him for scrying and he would make a lovely wire-wrapped pendant or pendulum!

This crystal has a very sacred feel to him. Tibet has long been regarded as one of the most Spiritual place on earth. And it is where Jesus is said to have passed his youth, learning and developing his skills until time to return to his life's role. It is said that his Spirit returns here often along with many of the Ascended Masters. Crystals such as this were used frequently to assist with the focus of Spiritual intent. Hold him comfortably and immediately, you will notice an absolutely huge pull at the Third Eye. If you now place that a side or etching against the Third Eye, you will feel an immense movement through the Crown and into the Ethereal Chakras. It's as if you were wearing a giant torch on your head. This Spirit is for one opening to Light Work and with a need for protection from psychic attack. He enables you to fully charge your aura into a blaze of energy. Simply amazing!

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Ultra-Clear Tibetan Quartz - Former Scepter

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