#24002 Altar-Sized Wondrous Golden-Smoky Quartz from Nigeria
Altar-Sized Wondrous Golden-Smoky Quartz from Nigeria
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This is a wondrous smoky quartz from a new find in Nigeria. She weighs 2 lb 2.5 oz and has a healed base. She has a golden tone to her smoky and a gorgeous Isis face with V-shaped and healed base … like a rocket taking off! Her termination is skewed and her sides are covered with tactile Lemurian lines that seem to “tune” her as you run your fingers up and down each side. Further, the lines are somewhat staggered on the sides as if they were in Morse code. Two sides hold a plethora of strange glyphs and there is ever so slight cathedraling to her. Pictures do not do her justice - she is beyond extraordinary and holds so much information to share with her Keeper.

Energetically, she is a powerhouse, but a gentle one. When you sit with her, she induces a meditative state that allows her Keeper to better analyze issues and search for the best outcome. This is critically important for one who needs clarity in making a significant or difficult decision. As I worked with her (I cupped her between both hands as opposed to just the sending or the receiving hand), with a question in mind, my head seemed to be swirling and clearing during the meditation like a time-lapsed of a lifting fog. When I came out of meditation, the answer was far more clear and I felt relaxed and peaceful. She is definitely a wonderful companion and mentor! To hold her is to not just be part of the light, but to BE the light!

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Altar-Sized Wondrous Golden-Smoky Quartz from Nigeria

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