#24004 Astonishing Sugarblade Hematite Quartz - Earth Mother and Earth Knower
Astonishing Sugarblade Hematite Quartz - Earth Mother and Earth Knower
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This is a splendid 4.5 oz, 2.7” by 2” by 1.75” quartz from Nigeria, wonderful in glowing russet shades of the desert hills. If you hold her to the light, you see the a wondrous hematite phantom! She rises from a white quartz base and I would say that her hematite portion came from a secondary growth over her original crystal … hence the phantom. If you check her carefully with a loupe, you will see tiny spheres of hematite inside! She has a near generator termination and her faces contain a plethora of tiny, circular “keys” where the spheres once resided on her exterior. Her faces created raised areas down her sides and in the valley between each of those sides, there is a cascade of small students … this is called a sugarblade formation. She is keyed all around her base and save for one very small ding at the termination, she is in excellent condition. She awaits her very special Keeper.

I call her an “Earth Knower” or “Earth Mother” … of all the crystals I have known, there are only a few who fall into this category. If you have ever seen the painting "Earth Knower" by Maynard Dixon, you know that she could be nothing else.(Earth Knower graces office wall where I gaze at the print constantly … and is far and above, my absolute favorite painting!) Her multiple terminations look so like those red hills in the background and her incredible energies are precisely like the Native American in the foreground. She holds secrets of the Earth, accumulated for millennia. All over this planet, indigenous peoples are very connected to the earth through eons of learning, observing and feeling. Many know things about the plants and animals of their environment that scientists are still “discovering”. This ability to totally connect with earthly Spirits is cherished and revered.

This special Spirit immediately meshes you with the Earth energies, but you know, it's different. It is almost like you are plugging into a cosmic consciousness. Your awareness pumps up several notches and things take on aspects you never thought imaginable. She is definitely a personal crystal and her true Keeper will know her immediately – and will know exactly how she must be used. She is an awesome Spirit!!

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Astonishing Sugarblade Hematite Quartz - Earth Mother and Earth Knower

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