#24006 Brightest DT Elestial Colombian Quartz
Brightest DT Elestial Colombian Quartz
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These wonderful Colombian beauties gleamed on my supplier’s tables, Herkimer diamond-like in their look and feel! She weighs 1.1 oz, measures 1.4” by 1.15” by 1" and sparkles and shines. In the photos, she looks a bit golden - she is not as the color is a function of my fading photo lamp which is being replaced. She is multi-terminated although she looks like she is twinned. Faces and sides display a series of etchings that take on unusual forms as you look at her and rainbows flash as the light plays within her. You will not tire of the exploration and truly she is a perfect little friend for a cloudy day … one that will bring her Keeper much joy

As most of you know, I’m a sucker for etched crystals and etched ones are a special favorite! It is very hard to let this beauty go – every time I look at her, I am transported somewhere else – in space, in time, in place. Sometimes I go inward, sometimes totally outward and occasionally, a little of each. She is a wondrous scrying crystal, permitting you to ‘review’ answers to the questions you ask. She is a journeying crystal, enabling you to go to wondrous places from earliest times when earth was primitive and strange animals roamed to the future with gleaming cities and beings from civilizations outside our earth. She is a Self-study crystal, allowing you to fully experience all aspects of Self, including past, present and future lifetimes. It is indeed rare when such a Master Crystal becomes known and her true Keeper will know her immediately.

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Brightest DT Elestial Colombian Quartz

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