#24011 Curved Starbrary Red Lemurian Seed Quartz - Soul Source
Curved Starbrary Red Lemurian Seed Quartz - Soul Source
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This is a curvy red Lemurian seed quartz from Brazil weighing 3.6 oz and 2.8” by 1.45” by 1.3” with a slanted and healed base. She is a light red color from hematite staining that is in spotty areas on her surfaces. There are gentle Lemurian lines mixed with nice Coronus starbrary glyphs and her termination is a channeler with an adjoining past timeline. She is one that you will have to study closely to fully appreciate her intricacy and beauty … and she has a number of tiny dings but is otherwise in wonderful condition!

Red is the color of the Root Chakra, where you draw your primal Spirit. It is the essence of tribe, of family and of community. This is a wondrous Spirit who has defended all that she has held dear and shows the effects of her encounters. She teaches us that this is a powerful energy from which to draw and can sustain us when we are at Life’s lowest points. We can successfully turn fear into courage, anger into determination and defeat into victory – if and only if we harness the energy of the Root Chakra. Meditate with this Spirit and allow her to show you that strength. As you breathe, draw those energies and that strength into your Root Chakra. Slowly, pull it into each Chakra in turn until you can feel a flow streaming through the Crown. Allow the flow to continue from toe to head – there will be a total warmth, complemented by a calm knowing, an inner strength – you have accessed your Soul Source. Remain like this until you feel complete, thank the Spirit and incorporate the lesson, returning frequently to savor the Source.

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Curved Starbrary Red Lemurian Seed Quartz - Soul Source

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