#24018 Gentle Lime Green Sphene on a Bed of Drused Quartz
Gentle Lime Green Sphene on a Bed of Drused Quartz
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Wowser, what a stress-reliever! This is a 3.5 oz, 3.7” by 2.3” by 0.9” gorgeous collection of over two dozen lime green sphene (aka "green titanite") crystals that are scattered about a bed of drused quartz, all sitting atop a glittering mica schist matrix. The color is just sublime (no pun intended) and is such a surprise among the more subtle tones of this cluster from Pakistan. The crystals are gemmy and a luscious color … and even have subtle glyphs! Use a loupe so you can savor all her attributes!

With the transition of the seasons just passed, it’s been an interesting time. And if your life has been anything like mine, there has been no end to the stress. Just when you think a project is done, boom, it needs to be done over – all over. Car troubles, lateness, losing things, etc. No stress in any of that. Well, a similar gentle Spirit has been a welcome buddy by my computer! Her gentle energies have allowed me to see the stress for what it is and sort through things in a deliberate and organized manner. But, she isn’t just for super-stress periods – she is wonderful for those times in your life when you just need to collect your thoughts and breathe! She helps you to appreciate the wonder around you in nature, family, friends and pets … and crystalline Spirits! She is awesome used in grids to “tone” down overly-energetic crystals so as to adjust the energy levels to manageable levels – a great crystalline helper for sure!

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Gentle Lime Green Sphene on a Bed of Drused Quartz

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