#24020 Glittering, Sparkling Quartz Cast Over Calcite
Glittering, Sparkling Quartz Cast Over Calcite
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This is another spectacular example of the crystals coming out of Nigeria - a glittering and sparkling cast over calcite weighing 7.7 oz and measuring 3.2” by 2.7” by 1.7”. A cast is where one crystalline form crystalizes over another and then the first reverts to solution. Her base has a cast of the calcite that has reverted to solution through the eons. The base has been sawn off so that she will stand securely and reveals the cavern underneath all those incredible quartz crystals formed over the calcite. If you turn her over, you can see where all the calcite terminations were, beautiful impressions under the quartz “glaze”. She is truly incredible and replete with a wondrous geological process! It will be love at first sight!

Casts are different from pseudomorphs. Casts are just like they sound with the base mineral serving as a kind of mold. Pseudomorphs actually replace the original mineral so you would have quartz with say danburite or calcite terminations. But, both retain the energies of the original crystal and in this cast, it’s calcite. Calcite is a change-agent and the wonderful “antenna” that the quartz druse forms, radiating those energies throughout the environment. Next to quartz, calcite is one of my favorite energies – it seems to ease the difficulty with change and “get you over the hump” in a hurry, without pain and without frustration. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have your personal space filled with those energies? Plus, the beauty of this unique cluster is beyond description!

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Glittering, Sparkling Quartz Cast Over Calcite

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