#24027 Light Smoky Rhodium Quartz “Pine” of a Thousand Rainbows
Light Smoky Rhodium Quartz  “Pine” of a Thousand Rainbows
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These are from a wondrous shipment from India. This rare treasure is a light smoky quartz “pine” (like a pinecone) cluster sitting on a flat, golden chalcedony base. She is is 2.1 oz and 1.4” by 1.6” by 1.5” and what gives her a special look is the rhodium in her. The rhodium gives her small crystals an opalescent look and the amazing array of a thousand rainbows on her terminal faces! It was hard to capture with the camera as the faces are all oriented a bit differently and the reflected light only highlights a few at a time. Try sitting in the sun (or full moonlight) with her and watching the colors come alive! She is mystical and wondrous and will delight you with her energy as much as her array of rainbow display!

Each of these little clusters holds the Secrets of the Seven … seven colors in the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet), seven tones in the musical scale (do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti), seven Chakras … and from these, all color, music and energy systems are derived. Seven is considered to be a sacred number by most of the world religions. There are seven stars in the constellation, Pleiades, seven wonders of the world, seven levels of enlightenment, etc. Seven is the continuum and transition from one plane to the next and the ultimate of expression.

These are crystals of change and transition … as you will see her fire, highlighting section of the terminal face, caught up in the natural glyphs there … and as you move the light slowly, the fiery orange-red shifts to maybe green, maybe blue, maybe purple. This type of expression clearly shows the wondrous possibilities open to you on all levels … and it also illustrates how you can move energy through the Chakras at will and really, how easy this is simply by changing your perspective. All too often, we are our own worse enemy, thinking that certain things are impossible. As soon as that believe registers, it must be mitigated or your Self will remain in its comfortable rut. This is a crystal that will allow you to soar and embrace the achievement of evolution!

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Light Smoky Rhodium Quartz “Pine” of a Thousand Rainbows

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