#24028 Light-Filled Elestial Selenite for Altar
Light-Filled Elestial Selenite for Altar
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This magnificent selenite crystal that measures 5.5” by 5.1” by 3.2” and weighs just over 2 lbs 6 oz. She is an altar-sizes single “blade” that is etched in areas like frost on a winter window. Her base is layered and fully healed with a touch of golden healer. Every surface on her is multi-dimensional and lightly glyphed … she glows with a light from within. Selenite is a natural desert crystal and grows to huge proportions with energy to match. She is from Mexico and is a real stunner!

Selenite is a wonderful crystalline Spirit! Her energy is so heady and ethereal; she seems to clear a room of negativity just by placing her in the room. Resting among other crystals, she will easily cleanse and purify them. But this Spirit’s role goes way beyond this. Selenite is a desert stone where water is rare and life struggles to survive. She teaches us of survival in a world that often-times is cold and unfeeling. Somehow, we find that one drop of water and our Spirit soars – not only do we survive, but we prosper. As many of us are discovering anew our true Spiritual roots, we are longing for reinforcement.

To meditate with her, hold place her in front of you with both hands on her. Playing Native American flute music adds a nice energy. Close your eyes and focus your breath as if drawing each one through her. Feel the energies and know the desert and its powerful lesson. Allow clarity, strength and belonging to fill your Spirit, breath after breath. Continue in this manner until you are complete, then gently place her down, thank her for her assistance and relax.

She is incredible placed in a room where healing will be done … her energies will readily cleanse the negativity and keep your other crystals ready for service.

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Light-Filled Elestial Selenite for Altar

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