#24035 Palm-Sized Extra-Large Sunstone with Golden Rainbow Flash
Palm-Sized Extra-Large Sunstone with Golden Rainbow Flash
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This is a gorgeous and extra-large polished, oval sunstone, 5.4 oz and 2.75” by 1.8” by 1.1. She looks golden-apricot in color, but as the light catches her, she explodes with fire, a stunning golden array with highlights of pink, blue and orange! This effect, known as "schiller", is caused by hematite inclusions in the feldspar. Use a 10X loupe to fully appreciate the display since the colors (other than gold) are more subtle! Apologies for the dark pictures … the light had to be slightly indirect to catch the flashes with the camera … you will see more easily in person!

I have used sunstone in the past on those rare occasions when I'm in a bad mood. Working with it for a few minutes just clears out the fog and allows the sun to shine on through. You feel better, inside and out!!! The Tanzanian sunstone has that same effect and more! I could sit with the loupe all day, mesmerized by the display of colors as the light shifts! She disperses stress and instills with a strong sense of vitality. She is truly like a muse, stimulating creativity and expression. You feel as if you could conquer the world!!! She is an awesome pocket crystal – one to have around you ALL the time!

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Palm-Sized Extra-Large Sunstone with Golden Rainbow Flash

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