#24036 Partially Terminated Citrine Quartz with Sumptuous Green Tourmaline
Partially Terminated Citrine Quartz with Sumptuous Green Tourmaline
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This is an interesting 3 oz, 2.5" by 1.6" by 1.1” light citrine quartz from Brazil. He is partially terminated and rough elsewhere. His top is elestial and terminated and he has two intact sides but is liberally punctuated with lovely green tourmalines! The largest one is actually a watermelon … check closely with a loupe and you will see the pink! He may be partially terminated, but you will fall in love with his heady energies!

This Spirit has an amazing “hand feel”… he fits perfectly in the cup of the palm. There are a couple of positions and the energy in each is different. Tourmaline is one of the first and foremost crystals to use as a “sponge” for negative energy and fear. Long respected by Shamans, it has been used to invoke protection and establish the thin line of balance between reality and illusion (dream). His quartz allows clarity of thought and deliberation of action. He may be a bit difficult to read at first, but as you work with him, you will be amazed, totally amazed, at how hot he feels. In my mind, he could only reach body temperature, held in the hand but, he actually feels warmer! To work with him the first time, anoint him with rainwater and allow that splendid crystalline musk to rise. He seems to want incense burning, so that would be good as well. Music is nice like Novus Magnificat (my favorite by Constance Denby). Allow the entire sensory bundle to envelop you and your mind will easily go on a journey. He teaches you how to transmute and dispel negative energies and how to establish mental and emotional balance without losing creativity and emotion. He creates a cocoon of protection around you that is amazing! This is truly an amazing Spirit that will be a humble and loyal companion if only you will give him a chance!

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Partially Terminated Citrine Quartz with Sumptuous Green Tourmaline

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