#24039 Sacred Healing Mystical and Mottled Gray Quartz
Sacred Healing Mystical and Mottled Gray Quartz
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This is a 5.9 oz, 3” by 1.6” by 1.9” gray quartz from Brazil At first glance, she may look clouded, but she is pretty mottled with what looks like goethite inclusions which contributes to her somewhat smoky first impression. Her terminal faces are well-glyphed are her sides … she appears to be a new and very strange star language. She is a DT crystal that sits atop a hematite-stained albite pedestal contact area. With a loupe, you will see a bright gold pyrite inclusion that is both inside and outside the crystal side. She is one that demand careful work … she is powerful and yet gentle all at the same time. There are some little dings here and there, nothing of significance at all.

This Spirit’s role is all about healing. If you look at her expression, craggy as it is, it speaks to healing on all levels … from the “ground” up. She is tremendously grounding and that’s one of the most critical aspects of healing. Too many of us feel that healing needs to be done at higher levels only and surely, that’s an aspect of it. However, we need to move all this higher-level energy into physical expression or no amount of healing will ever “take”. She teaches you to ground and apply, seek and express … and heal in radiance. Disease and accidents may change aspects of our physical Self, but whatever changes, we are still our Core Being and we can express that Being with joy, exuberance and love. Use this Spirit and her sacred role to help rekindle the joy in full physical expression!

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Sacred Healing Mystical and Mottled Gray Quartz

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