#24041 Shades of Mauve Lodelite-Included Quartz
Shades of Mauve Lodelite-Included Quartz
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This is a gorgeous 3.5 oz, 2.95” by 2” by 1.3” quartz point that is subtly twinned and healed all over with some golden healer in the crevices at the base. He has shades of mauve inclusions of lodelite that fill his entire crystal almost like a phantom, but not. The quartz is quite clear, as it was a secondary growth over the lodelite. The base does not have the secondary growth so you can see the evolution of his crystalline expression. His twin terminations are gorgeous and the terminal faces have marvelous etchings! He is from Bahia, Brazil and is totally handsome and energetic, ready to work with his Keeper.

Lodelite has extremely protective energies and is known for its master healing capabilities. When included like this, the crystals are often broken and polished so as to show the inclusions as a ‘gazing crystal’. This one has been left intact and is just a joy to work with! He would be wonderful in the hands of crystal healer or Reiki practitioner where his healing energies would be put to good use. Often in a healing situation, we are inclined to go with what we have learned in a book, but our instincts tell us differently. This Spirit helps the healer understand the true nature of those instincts and empowers a creativity with respect to healing. The Chinese have long held that a dozen people with colds will ALL be treated differently as each has a different cold! When a treatment regime is so personalized, the recovery is better and faster. This is a Healer’s Spirit!

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Mauve and Cream Colored Lodelite-Included Quartz

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