#24048 Sweet Ethereal Lobes of Petal Pink Chalcedony
Sweet Ethereal Lobes of Petal Pink Chalcedony
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This is a lovely 0.6 oz and 1.6” by 1.3” by 0.6” by 1” piece of chalcedony from Mexico with the most delicate and ethereal pink color with a faint hint of gold on one side. She is arranged in lobes that undulate like ocean waves. Her base is both healed and flat with bits of toast inset a gift of Mother Earth. She is also fluorescent, turning a glowing light pink under UV light. Chalcedony is a type of quartz that does not crystallize, but rather it bubbles and forms botryoidal masses. She is a such a sweet example of the chalcedony Spirit and would love a space on your special love altars!
?Pink chalcedony is a truly beautiful Spirit - I have a piece that my mom gave me decades ago so that I would always have love around me. Her ethereal pink color further activates the heart and creates an environment of the love that stimulates friendship, harmony and belonging. She is wonderful for a children’s area, a family room or even a conference room where her warm energies can radiate outward. She has a wonderful earthy feel with ethereal energies that help to ground the group, while the love flows!

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Sweet Ethereal Lobes of Petal Pink Chalcedony

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