#24050 Twinned, Large Smoky Amethyst DT Soul Star Quartz with Red Rutile
Twinned, Large Smoky Amethyst DT Soul Star Quartz with Red Rutile
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This is an arrival from Brazil and each one is different from the next, but all are characterized by a prominent secondary growth of quartz that adds lepidocrosite and/or rutile in that growth … and in this one, it not only has rutile, but the red rutile! This Spirit has both terminations twinned with the lower one being larger and more twinned. She weighs 1 lb 8.9 oz and measures 6” by 1.9” by 1.9” and her general color is a light smoky with dark smoky and amethyst in the secondary growth, elestial terminations. On her sides are nice Lemurian lines accented with slightly indented quartz druse. Check this druse with a loupe and you will see insets of red-orange rutile crystals! And while you have the loupe out, check the secondary growth at the terminations - you will see tactile glyphs-on-glyph and lepidocrosite as well as more red-orange rutile! The quartz is rather opalescent and the only clarity is in the secondary growth. A loupe is essential to study them all! This crystal is pristine and powerful and would make a stunning addition to your personal meditations or altar spaces.

The Soul Star Chakra is the one about 6” above the crown of the head and it connects the physical Chakras to the Seat of the Soul. This unification brings important rational to the physical life and enables the awakening of a more Spiritual existence. The result is joy, health and enlightenment that opens the Soul to a new level of existence. This special quartz is the “change agent” that assists with that important transition, opening the path to new Spiritual growth and strengthening that with the Keeper’s physical life’s expression. The goal of these crystals is to instill a sense of worth, happiness and centering that leads the Keeper to a wondrous state of change and achievement … and isn’t that important in this New Year?

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Twinned, Large Smoky Amethyst DT Soul Star Quartz with Red Rutile

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