Topaz Spirits



Newsletters are done quarterly. They are sent out through en email service (Constant Contact) and if you subscribe to the newsletters, you will also receive notifications for the regular web updates. Past newsletters are listed below with appropriate links.

Summer 2014 - Medicine Pouch and Power Animals - please request pdf

Fall 2014 - Rubies and Sapphires and Topaz ... Oh My!

Late Spring 2015 - More About Starbraries

Late Summer 2015 - Altar Crystals

Late Winter 2015  - Transition

Late Spring 2016 - Lightning Strike Quartz

Summer 2016 - Change Masters

Fall 2016 - Polymorphs, Pseudomorphs and Twinning

Winter 2017 - Crystal Enhancements

Late Spring 2017 - Tektite, Moldavite and Libyan Desert Glass

Summer 2017 - Russian and Mozambique Lemurians

Winter 2017-2018 - Identifying Starbraries

Fall 2018 - Helpers in Fostering Positive Change

Summer 2019 - Crystal Transformations

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