Topaz Spirits


Knowing which crystal is right is the most frequently-asked question of all - how do I know if this crystals is right for me? I always look for a "pull" - kind of a calling. While reactions vary, there is a tingling, often from just looking at the crystal, that intensifies as you hold her. Don't worry about "type" (Isis, channeler, Dow ... that all will come naturally as you need them). The most important thing is that you feel an affinity for each other. Remember to choose with your hand and with your heart ...

When I welcome a new crystal home, I always wash her with rainwater (with a couple of exceptions - halite, selenite and such shouldn't be washed) and allow her to air-dry in the sun. If she has been in a shop where many people have handled her, I will smudge with white sage afterwards, then allow her a day in the sunshine followed by a night under the full moon. Then, she is ready to begin working with you!


Crystals are available in many grades and there is considerable confusion as to just what each is. The following is a guide:

Museum grade: this represents the finest in crystals with good color, habit and condition - there are no imperfections or damage (chips, scrapes, internal fractures, etc.) and this is as close as possible to ideal.

Excellent quality: this represents near perfect condition with minimal imperfections. If there is damage (chips, scrapes, etc.), it is very slight and almost imperceptible to the eye.

Good quality: these crystals have some damage or aren't perfect for one reason or another. They are still good working crystals and have much to offer if given a chance.

Empathic or warriors: these crystals have major damage (AKA "dings"), either fresh or from the earth. Their energy has been modified to repair the damage and amazingly, they are very useful to healers because they allow an understanding of disease state.

Many people use a grading system (A, B, C) to further refine their crystals with A being the clearest and most perfect, Bs being slightly cloudy or included and Cs being cloudy and/or heavily included. Personally, it is a matter of taste - cloudy crystals offer the greatest mystery and often the most profound information. And as a note, some crystals (like black tourmaline) are naturally opaque.


Rather than repeat much of what is printed, following is a series of books that cover quartz and other stones:

- Crystal Journey by JaneAnn Dow

- The Crystal Enlightenment series by Katrina Raphael

- Crystal Wisdom by Dolfyn

- Crystal Power, Crystal Healing by Michael Gienger

- The Complete Crystal Guidebook by Uma Sibley

As you read these volumes, allow them to be guides and guides only. The crystals are as individual as people are and as such, they have their own ideas. Not every channeler is good for channeling - you may find one that is a wondrous generator! Be open and above all, ALLOW your own instincts and the crystal to guide you! Most of all, have fun and enjoy the energies these Spirits share.