#23041 Standing, Lovely Blue Calcite Freeform
Standing, Lovely Blue Calcite Freeform
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This is a standing and soft blue calcite freeform, 14.8 oz and 3.2” by 2.7” by 1.8” She is beautifully polished and rather resembles a mountain, worn by the sands of time. There is a gentleness to her energy that is both male and female and very definitely loving … like the calcite equivalent to rose quartz.

Calcite is all about change … but blue calcite and particularly Russian blue calcite carries a very special vibration. Things essential for change are to assess the past, learn from it, cherish the lesson and accept it all. Transmute grudges, hurts and transgressions and move to a better place. Once you let go of things that are over and can’t be changed, you can focus on the now where true change starts and the future where true change grows and blooms! She blends the heart, the Third Eye and the throat and helps with the understanding of all that has transpired so that you can settle into positive emotions like optimism, compassion and joy. And in doing so, you relieve stress and anxiety. She loves to work with rose quartz and petalite in helping her Keeper find a path and role in life and embrace the changes along the way! If she sounds like an answer crystal … she is!

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Standing, Lovely Blue Calcite Freeform

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