#19221 Partially Polished Golden Copal Amber
Partially Polished Golden Copal Amber
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This is a 0.5 oz, glorious piece of amber, 2.3" by 1.5" by 0.5" and irregularly shaped. She is all natural and hand-polished (which believe me, is an act of love!) and a wondrous golden … well … amber color. Although coarse-polished, you can see that she is clear with bubbles inside, but no bugs that I can determine. Plus there are areas where the original texture wasn’t completely polished out. Warm to the touch, she will be a joy to her Keeper.

Amber is resin from ancient trees and has a light and warm feel. Besides being awesome to look at, she is wonderful at dispelling negativity and establishing balance between passion and love. She is a wonderful piece to keep around at all times and a perfect companion to jet.

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Partially Polished Golden Copal Amber

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