#21322 Light Golden Beauty DT Citrine with Amazing Glyphs, Albite
Light Golden Beauty DT Citrine with Amazing Glyphs, Albite
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This is an utterly amazing and beautiful 12.2 oz light DT citrine from Aricuai, Brazil measuring 4.2” by 2.6” by 1.7”. She is a deep golden color with a slight, slight blush of smoke … plus curious albite inlays on all sides. There are truly amazing glyphs, including record keepers, on faces and sides alike … you could sit with her for hours and discover something new and gorgeous … including her deep and intense rainbows! There are two side students and a bit of growth interference in [laces from the albite. Her inner clarity reveals some fenstering, tiny manifestors and a little bubble chamber with a teeny enhydro. There are a few little dings, but otherwise, she is in excellent, golden-glowing condition … and a perfect meditation partner!

I cannot tell you how energetic this Spirit is! First, her citrine nature ensures that she neither accumulates nor attracts negative energy. Bright and sunny, she is wonderful for bringing abundance to her Keeper. But, when you add albite for truth and awareness, you surround yourself with immense and powerful energies. Couple these with the manifestors within and she becomes one serious Spirit for completely exploring your Self and readying your Self for Spiritual pursuits. I cannot emphasize enough what a transformation she is capable of initiating. Many of us are either unwilling or unprepared to know our Selves that totally. Work with her gradually and allow time for each discovery to integrate. She loves meditation and will be a wonderful companion for your innermost journeys!

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Light Golden Beauty DT Citrine with Amazing Glyphs, Albite

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